OpticalTel is a fully integrated telecable company utilizing advanced fiber optic technology to deliver Video, Internet, and Telephone service all from one source. Given the size of our competitors, we are nimble, local, integrated - and truly able to define the telecable sector. Unlike existing cable companies trying to redefine their core competency by adding telephone service, or telephone companies offering cable programming and shows, our LEC and Cable Services & Systems are integrated. Our personnel are not based in another country. We are local. We are your neighbors and friends who understand and can support all your needs. We know exactly who we are and the services we provide to our customers. We are OpticalTel, a premiere next-generation entertainment and telecom company.

OpticalTel offers two levels of partner involvement: Referral & Agent. Each level is designed to suit your needs that fits your workflow and commission structure.

Referral Partner Program

OpticalTel’s Referral Partner Program targets Independent Sales Executives, IT/Management consultants or businesses who provide IT solutions particularly to small business sector.

By giving your Account Executive a referral, they will engage your contact, propose an appropiate communications solution and show them how to save money and be more productive.

Once we have your contact name, address, email and preferably a copy of their current telecommunications bills, we take it from there. We schedule a sales appointment with your referral to understand their business, tell them about our services, and if it’s a good fit, ask them for their business. Now you can profit and share the benefits and savings with your contacts.

Key Elements

Who: Sales Professionals, Consultants and advocates of network and telecom services

Commitment: No minimum revenue commitment

Compensation: One-time comission for each referred installed order

Collaboration: Partner passes sales lead to dedicated representative; OpticalTel manages all customer interactions

  • Dedicated sales account management
  • Partner support phone queue
  • Online Partner Portal access with Online Tracking of Orders and Comissions
  • Self-prequalification
  • Product training and support
  • SPIFFs
  • Marketing Material and Special Promotions

Agent Partner Program

OpticalTel’s Agent I Partner Program targets value-added resellers, systems integrators, or phone interconnects who require Video, Internet, Voice services for their customers.

Agent Partners sell OpticalTel services directly to their customers or with help of the OpticalTel’s Sales Team. Agent Partners are paid upfront and residual commissions based on their annual billed revenue.

Partner Program At-A-Glance

Who: VARs, seasoned IT consultants, MSPs, network/telecom cloud-related Sales Partners looking for a team sales approach

Commitment: Net billed revenue commitment

Compensation: Upfront Commission and Percentage of monthly recurring revenue

Collaboration: Partner submits closed sales order; OpticalTel manages provisioning, billing, and support

  • Dedicated sales, SE and account management
  • Partner support phone queue
  • Online Partner Portal access with Online Tracking of Orders and Comissions
  • Product training and support
  • SPIFFs
  • Self-prequalification, quote, and order placement
  • Marketing Material and Special Promotions
  • Certification for VoIP installation
  • Upcoming benefit: Deal registration

We offer SME Businesses Video, Internet, Voice and an array of Cloud Enabled solutions that include a Cloud PBX and Call Center, Cloud Surveillance and an array of Unified Communications solutions that bring game-changing power and productivity to any type of business, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of solutions from traditional premises-based products.

We offer Associations and Builders of single family communities and MDU (Multi Dwelling Units), this includes condos, apartment buildings, hotels and student housing Video, Internet, Voice, Alarm and an array of Cloud Solutions through bulk contracts to provide cost savings and complete service.